Monday, July 7, 2014

Peek Into the 2014 Flying Monkey Hunt for RFL
Pay the board like this to register and get your hud.
The ENTIRE proceeds from this hunt go to Relay For Life

First I'd like to thank iHunts for the donation of their system. It has made this entire hunt so much simpler to do!

What to expect. I have been through some of the items for this hunt and this is a breeders dream hunt. Some of the biggest names in breedables contributed names like Amaretto , Champion, Meeroo, and KittyCats.
So you are gonna find cute little figurines , Plushies, and even Summer Swimwear from Amaretto!!! You are also going to find STARTER PACKS ; I saw cute little lady bugs, and Majestic elephants just to name a couple.. So, come and play, its a moderately challenging hunt with some adorable prizes and for an AWESOME charity.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Its that time again boys and girls.
It is time for the annual SL breedables fair
This year is going to be crammed full of breedable fun!
One of this years features will be
Sponsored by IHUNTS

ALREADY this hunt boast goodies from
Many breedables creators

Friday, June 20, 2014


The Summertime Breedables Fair opens July 2nd, but for some it will open on July 1st with an Early Admission Pass, which can be purchased inworld for a 1000L donation at The American Cancer Society Island. Passes will grant entry into the fairgrounds at 8am SLT on July 1st instead of during the official opening at noon on July 2nd, 2014.  If you are interested in being one of the LIMITED people who have early access to the sims, please tp to the vendor located here:

If you have always wanted to get into one of our Breedables events before it opened, stroll the displays while the sims are uncrowded and lag-free, this is your chance. There will be plenty of room to stretch and enjoy the space. Early shoppers will also have early opportunity to purchase this year’s NEW Limited Edition Breedables for Relay, BEFORE many others are able to!  What an exciting addition to the Breedables Fair.  All proceeds from the sale of early access passes benefit Relay For Life! PASSES SOLD ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.. when they’re gone, they’re gone! Get yours now!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

To spam or not to spam

To spam or not to spam.

This I know is a hot topic among all sl communities but bare with me.
What is spam? Why should I spam? How do I spam ?

SPAM:: in normal internet lingo spam reffers emails and messages recived with out want. In sl spam is used in a slightly more 'generous' manner. In sl spam is used as an interchangeable term for advertising.

advertising planning is cruscial to a successful buisness strategy.

Effective advertising is:
1) memorable
2) entertaining
3) informative
With those things in mind let's talk methods

Group advertising
   Personal group (joes kitty cat group)
      Pro: audience chose to receive your message
      Con: limited exposure (only people who you have already met)
   Subject specific group  (kitty cat lovers group )
      Pro: limited advertising means customers are more attentive
      Con: exposure limited to only people who probably already have your product.
   Mass spam group (100% sl spam)
      Pro: exposure to people who may have never even heard if you product.
      Con: limited exposure time. (Spams roll through so quickly you rarely have time     
           to read title
Subscribers do have what appears to be awesome selling points but in truth it can be difficult to convince customers to opt in.
Group conferences :
These might pay off or go horribly wrong.
Sometmes you have a good day and get allot if results.
Sometimes you'll get cussed out or some jerk on your friends list will decide its a great platform for them to advertise their own thing.
Then still most days you'll only hear the proverbial crickets chirping.

Mass tp:
My least favorite method . More times than not you'll only loose folks off your friends list and get yelled at by others.

Inventory spam
If done right this one can really get results. If not no one will notice you until its too late.

Last but not least is
Good old fashion door knocking.
Iming  people talking to them and just plane getting the face time
Pro : can be really effective
Con: seriously time consuming.

More laters

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Top ten

So the last blog got me thinking.
What if they just aren't sure how to get customers?
Tonights post is my "top ten sales tips"
Again written from my phone so please forgive any mess.
10) Get a name. There are countless stalls on sims all over SL you need to separate yourself from them. Even if the best you can manage is putting your avatars name on a plane white background as signage for your stall it is better than having an anonymous stall.

9) Gratitude has magnitude. We are all busy people but should you notice that you have made a sale message the buyer and say thank you. A simple note stored in inventory and passed to them works as well.

8) Approachable is successful! Put an online indicator on your stall and respond QUICKLY. If you are a [Huntress] tennant maji (when shes online) will happily supply you with one.

7) Round trip tickets ? A landmark giver with an up to date landmark to your store helps. Seems silly and simple but people rarely think of it. Imagine a customer has been looking high and low for your mahogini rangi mega she wants one so bad and here she is she has finally found you and your stall has one, only problem is she hasn't enough to purchase it now. How likely is it that she will remember to landmark your stall?

6)  Sharing is caring. You can't want to go to a place that you don't know exists .
If you don't advertise no one will know who you are or what you have. The complaint I hear most often is "but i don't know what to say"  its easy really ,keep it short five lines or less that contain your stalls name, what you carry,  a slurl,  and the name of your stall again. (this topic will get its own blog soon)

5) NETWORK. It really does matter who you know.  People like to purchase from folks they know and the more if them you know the more likely you are to make sales.

4) Every one loves a know-it-all! ok so normaly thats not true, but in breedables you want to be the person that every one trusts and turns too for information. so crack the proverbial books kids and make sure you KNOW your pet

3) Sales look we all hate seeing those dumb fire sale spams . Try to be imaginative but having a sale day once a month we raise interest.

2) Stagnation = death Keep your stock fresh and rotate it frequently.

1) Let you shine through!  When you come to a stall that has been decorated you feel appretiated and whats more you feel like the seller is passionate about their pets. sooo Deco baby deco!

Friday, March 28, 2014

On a Slightly more serious

First I'd like to ask you to bare with the lack of format in the following post as I'm on a cell phone mooching bandwidth from a neighbor.

Knowing that there are a couple of new breedables in various stages of emerging onto the SL market . I thought now would be a good time to discuss the commerce side of breedables.
There is always a great deal of drama and chaos when one brings up secondary market topics among SL breeders non the less let us forge ahead.

1st attitude !!
Let us make no bones about this we (breeders) are the secondary market.
If we don't value a breedable enough to purchase it from fellow breeders we cannot be upset at an inability to sell.
I hear frequently from breeders "I can't do it alone. I can't afford to keeping buying if I'm not selling."
While this maybe the case in truth refusing to buy in no way helps insure your investment.
Verbalizing your failure to sell whether in print or on voice and backing those thoughts and feelings up with refusing to invest further only serves one end. The death of a breedable . Don't fool yourself you are flushing your own investment down the tubes dears.

2nd Education
Y'all if you find that know one knows anything about your breedable or they are spouting opinions and information that no longer reflects the breed able .... you can't expect that some one else will sort it out ... you have to teach them.  You have to be your own cheerleader, It is just that simple . If you are passionate about your breed able then others will be as well.

More thoughts about this later
<3 Maui

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I sadly am offline but here is a blog

So sadly I'm not online atm BUT I can blog so.. I thought I'd share some thoughts with you.

First I'd like to point out that sure giraffes are kinda cute but there is a star living next door to them and that stars name is OKAPI !! Look em' up y'all.

Second I want to point out that Chaucer is awesome only IMO when he's on actual paper .. I tried to read Chaucer in digital format and it is just missing something .

Last thing
I hope and pray I'm back online in time to alpha test what promises to be a SUPA KAWAII breedable!!

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