Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random News From the Empire

Two things on my mind at the moment ::


I got the cutest outfit EVA !!

Shoes are HERE from DMD

Hair is HERE in world at ploom

Thursday, August 21, 2014



well sorta new lol

I have been hard at work developing an aquatic auction house for our Fish breeders.

We are currently offering Pet Peddler auctions twice a week but looking for an Odyssey Auctioneer.

We will also soon be offering a few rentals in this space as well. so stay tuned.

Monday, July 28, 2014


With the new breedables  being released; and new auction houses popping up right and left, It is important to us that our friends don't get 'taken advantage of' by or 'confused by' people misusing breeding terms.


OFFSPRING/ DIRECT OFFSPRING  -- OS / DOS = used specifically to denote that one or both parents have a trait or coat that is desirable. ~ This Mossm is a Treefrog os

DESCENDANT -- DEC/DESC = term used when a grandparent or great grandparent has the trait or coat. She is also a Cow Descendant

PURE = this term is used ONLY when both parents and all Grand and Great Grandparents. wear the desired trait. NOTE that "starters" cannot be used in the PURE term. so a pure DoDos, Mossms, or even Meeroo cannnot have a starter as a parent/grandparent/great grandparent.

GENERATION --GEN =on a child's tree the parents count as FIRST GENERATION, grandparents as SECOND GENERATION and so on and so forth.
NOTE --- most breedables do not consider starters to be a generation.

Thank you for your time I hope this helps you in your breeding dears :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Peek Into the 2014 Flying Monkey Hunt for RFL
Pay the board like this to register and get your hud.
The ENTIRE proceeds from this hunt go to Relay For Life

First I'd like to thank iHunts for the donation of their system. It has made this entire hunt so much simpler to do!

What to expect. I have been through some of the items for this hunt and this is a breeders dream hunt. Some of the biggest names in breedables contributed names like Amaretto , Champion, Meeroo, and KittyCats.
So you are gonna find cute little figurines , Plushies, and even Summer Swimwear from Amaretto!!! You are also going to find STARTER PACKS ; I saw cute little lady bugs, and Majestic elephants just to name a couple.. So, come and play, its a moderately challenging hunt with some adorable prizes and for an AWESOME charity.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Its that time again boys and girls.
It is time for the annual SL breedables fair
This year is going to be crammed full of breedable fun!
One of this years features will be
Sponsored by IHUNTS

ALREADY this hunt boast goodies from
Many breedables creators

Friday, June 20, 2014


The Summertime Breedables Fair opens July 2nd, but for some it will open on July 1st with an Early Admission Pass, which can be purchased inworld for a 1000L donation at The American Cancer Society Island. Passes will grant entry into the fairgrounds at 8am SLT on July 1st instead of during the official opening at noon on July 2nd, 2014.  If you are interested in being one of the LIMITED people who have early access to the sims, please tp to the vendor located here:

If you have always wanted to get into one of our Breedables events before it opened, stroll the displays while the sims are uncrowded and lag-free, this is your chance. There will be plenty of room to stretch and enjoy the space. Early shoppers will also have early opportunity to purchase this year’s NEW Limited Edition Breedables for Relay, BEFORE many others are able to!  What an exciting addition to the Breedables Fair.  All proceeds from the sale of early access passes benefit Relay For Life! PASSES SOLD ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.. when they’re gone, they’re gone! Get yours now!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

To spam or not to spam

To spam or not to spam.

This I know is a hot topic among all sl communities but bare with me.
What is spam? Why should I spam? How do I spam ?

SPAM:: in normal internet lingo spam reffers emails and messages recived with out want. In sl spam is used in a slightly more 'generous' manner. In sl spam is used as an interchangeable term for advertising.

advertising planning is cruscial to a successful buisness strategy.

Effective advertising is:
1) memorable
2) entertaining
3) informative
With those things in mind let's talk methods

Group advertising
   Personal group (joes kitty cat group)
      Pro: audience chose to receive your message
      Con: limited exposure (only people who you have already met)
   Subject specific group  (kitty cat lovers group )
      Pro: limited advertising means customers are more attentive
      Con: exposure limited to only people who probably already have your product.
   Mass spam group (100% sl spam)
      Pro: exposure to people who may have never even heard if you product.
      Con: limited exposure time. (Spams roll through so quickly you rarely have time     
           to read title
Subscribers do have what appears to be awesome selling points but in truth it can be difficult to convince customers to opt in.
Group conferences :
These might pay off or go horribly wrong.
Sometmes you have a good day and get allot if results.
Sometimes you'll get cussed out or some jerk on your friends list will decide its a great platform for them to advertise their own thing.
Then still most days you'll only hear the proverbial crickets chirping.

Mass tp:
My least favorite method . More times than not you'll only loose folks off your friends list and get yelled at by others.

Inventory spam
If done right this one can really get results. If not no one will notice you until its too late.

Last but not least is
Good old fashion door knocking.
Iming  people talking to them and just plane getting the face time
Pro : can be really effective
Con: seriously time consuming.

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