Sunday, February 23, 2014


I cannot tell a lie. I was beside myself with enthusiasm when I heard that the Mossms™ were coming home to [Huntress] Inc. This is easily one of my favorite breedables. It's creators are so imaginative; and they always manage to keep me fascinated.
What has this breedable on my mind at the moment is the free February gift. In just 5 days this promotion will be over, however, when it ends the creators will have delivered thousands of free valentine gift packs to EVERY person who has ever registered their SecondLife™ avatar with the Mossms™ website. That free pack contains not only the super cute little guy pictured above but also , a free Mossms™ enviroment, and a food pack large enough to feed that Mossm™ for two weeks. Which is essentially a free go at owning Mossms for two weeks. 
So boys and girls of the interwebz I would heartily suggest that you get your avatar on over to your nearest affiliate and give these cuties a try out .

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