Thursday, February 27, 2014

Over at the Huntreeses place .....

So I'm here setting up for the noon ALL EVO auction with Kesha when I notice something odd.
You see while this is an all EVO auction meaning that ANY evo product can be sold here .. people only bring fairies. 
Today I see Clams.. 
I see clam boxes (said in a whispered tone)
sounds like a line from a spoof horror movie :)
Shoals are the newest breedable in the ever growing EVO catalog  and they are already generating some serious excitement in the breedable community.
     A great deal of thanks to Alor & Lenka for allowing me into their home to photograph these cuties

I went to my good friend  Aloriana Shadowstar's place to sneak a peek. To be honest I wasn't expecting to like them .. I mean breedable clams how silly is that? 
BUT I do they are calm and peaceful. They don't chatter or jump around. They are cute without being cutesy and though you can't tell on my viewer the texturing is nice.
I could see these as being enjoyable to keep ESPECIALLY if you are into the whole aquatic or marine lifestyle.

Where can you get them? 
 Remood main sim
 or now at one of our auctions.

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