Saturday, March 15, 2014

My take on the MOSSMS Q&A

The new 1.12 update is available to us NOW. as of the penning of this blog you can only update your Mossms by using the recovery system. HOWEVER, Progenitor promises that the updater, for those with lots of Mossms would be available soon.
This update promises smoother less laggy animations and fewer issues with the Mossms "breaking" apart. This update is NOT mandatory. it is only cosmetic.

The Saint Patrick's day promo will be ending the 22nd so be sure you acquired yours by then
(if any of the readers of this blog don't know how to please just instant message myself or Crux Huntress in world for assistance)

Upcoming features and plans::

You can anticipate the new 'Traits' to begin rolling out in early April.
All the Mossms will have blinking eyes after the roll out but the animated irises will be a trait.
The new traits should be available at some level to all breeders.
There will be some that you acquire through breeding, some that you acquire through "splurt" purchases, and some that will be achievement awards.

Regarding other potential traits:
Attendants inquired about hair, lips, size, and clothing as traits.

"We have experimented with both clothes and hair. I have a Mossms upstairs with a Slayer T-shirt but we're not releasing that right now; right now we're focused on eyes ears tails and sports"- Progenitor

Regarding new planets and new resources::
Yes there will be a new planet, possibly two new planets.
No there will not be new resource types. It was decided that adding new resources would over complicate the process and leave the website too cluttered.

"Jiminy asked: what's this about sports and Mossms teaching each other.  In Mossms sports, there will be a number of different ways that a Mossms increases in skill in their sport, just like in the real world: exercise, practice, and getting advice from other more experience Mossms (coaching), and possibly classroom training. One of the things about sports that you might want to be thinking about is Leagues.  In real world sports, there are leagues like the NFL or the Championship Soccer League... organizations that run tournaments and give our titles, prizes, and trophies.  We're going to provide tools for players to run their own leagues.
If you have aspirations to run your own league, be thinking about it!  You'll be able to host your own championships, customize your trophies, design your own logo, create your own Mossmstitles"
There will be leagues and some leagues may or may not choose to play for 'cash' prizes ,however, the Mossms team is neither encouraging nor discouraging the practice. As they have always tried to steer clear of Legislating the secondary market. Which is to say they try very hard to not tell you what you can and can't do on your own property with Mossms you have paid for.
"No you will not have to participate in big tournaments. Tournaments will be for fun not for progression." - Asymmetrical

in regards to the timing of the sports:
You can anticipate the sports feature of the game to be available in the summer and more details will be released as we grow closer to that release.

Side notes about the sports release
"Mossms will be doing all kinds of tricks and things with people that they don't do now" - Progenitor


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