Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh My Goodness

I have converted [Huntress] Hunts to the iHunts system.
What does this mean for hunters?
Well first it means that they will only need to keep track of one hud.
They will only need to learn to use one hud.
So nice those two things
BUT it also means that it is easier and faster for me to set up your hunts.
You will get more hunt items in the future and those hunt items will be better quality because it will be less of a time crunch in making them.

any how
so every one give a warm welcome to iHunts as they join the [Huntress] family.

At this point you can go to either of the two locations linked above to pick up your hud and begin hunting.
This Hunt contains 13 items items are::
  • Toddleedoom Motortrike
  • Toddleedoo outfit
  • Two petite outfits one ::DD:: one E*sensual
  • Hank III inspired wall clock
  • Electric guitar for normal and toddleedoo sized avatars.
  • Petite dance ball that looks like an awesome set of studio headphones
  • High heels from E*sensual
  • A super cool pipe-organ from Brick-a-Brack
  • A wicked cool motorcycle music box from Repo Customs 
  • ::M:: cool particle trail thing

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