Sunday, March 2, 2014

ooo shinnyyy

SO @[Huntress] Inc we totally love our fishing games. 
We have 7seas and Gofishin both.  Today we added a new fishing toy.
I like the social aspects of this set up. It really seems to encourage folks to visit many sims and the reward isn't lindens so .... no hordes of noobs standing around ignoring every one (which is really nice).
Any how when you buy the starter kit it comes with little cute things; the standard fishing rod, a hat, a tackle box,. instructions, ect.  The bate is inexpensive, the casting goes quickly, and you can join a tourney and then return to your "home sim" so you aren't stuck on some strange sim in lag hell. 
The part I like the most is the fact that you can tell your rod to ignore things. Like you can set your rod to only accept things you have never gotten or only go after certain size fish. Its really cool I think

Any how I think I'm going to start hosting tourneys on Tuesdays at 5pm
I'd love to hear what you guys think about the time slot.


  1. Well i love the fishing games and especially like to hear you can customize the fishing rod to select certain types of items instead of extra junk you don't use. Thank you for the wealth of information i thin i gonna try this new fishing games sounds very interesting. thank you Maji!!