Sunday, March 30, 2014

To spam or not to spam

To spam or not to spam.

This I know is a hot topic among all sl communities but bare with me.
What is spam? Why should I spam? How do I spam ?

SPAM:: in normal internet lingo spam reffers emails and messages recived with out want. In sl spam is used in a slightly more 'generous' manner. In sl spam is used as an interchangeable term for advertising.

advertising planning is cruscial to a successful buisness strategy.

Effective advertising is:
1) memorable
2) entertaining
3) informative
With those things in mind let's talk methods

Group advertising
   Personal group (joes kitty cat group)
      Pro: audience chose to receive your message
      Con: limited exposure (only people who you have already met)
   Subject specific group  (kitty cat lovers group )
      Pro: limited advertising means customers are more attentive
      Con: exposure limited to only people who probably already have your product.
   Mass spam group (100% sl spam)
      Pro: exposure to people who may have never even heard if you product.
      Con: limited exposure time. (Spams roll through so quickly you rarely have time     
           to read title
Subscribers do have what appears to be awesome selling points but in truth it can be difficult to convince customers to opt in.
Group conferences :
These might pay off or go horribly wrong.
Sometmes you have a good day and get allot if results.
Sometimes you'll get cussed out or some jerk on your friends list will decide its a great platform for them to advertise their own thing.
Then still most days you'll only hear the proverbial crickets chirping.

Mass tp:
My least favorite method . More times than not you'll only loose folks off your friends list and get yelled at by others.

Inventory spam
If done right this one can really get results. If not no one will notice you until its too late.

Last but not least is
Good old fashion door knocking.
Iming  people talking to them and just plane getting the face time
Pro : can be really effective
Con: seriously time consuming.

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