Saturday, March 29, 2014

Top ten

So the last blog got me thinking.
What if they just aren't sure how to get customers?
Tonights post is my "top ten sales tips"
Again written from my phone so please forgive any mess.
10) Get a name. There are countless stalls on sims all over SL you need to separate yourself from them. Even if the best you can manage is putting your avatars name on a plane white background as signage for your stall it is better than having an anonymous stall.

9) Gratitude has magnitude. We are all busy people but should you notice that you have made a sale message the buyer and say thank you. A simple note stored in inventory and passed to them works as well.

8) Approachable is successful! Put an online indicator on your stall and respond QUICKLY. If you are a [Huntress] tennant maji (when shes online) will happily supply you with one.

7) Round trip tickets ? A landmark giver with an up to date landmark to your store helps. Seems silly and simple but people rarely think of it. Imagine a customer has been looking high and low for your mahogini rangi mega she wants one so bad and here she is she has finally found you and your stall has one, only problem is she hasn't enough to purchase it now. How likely is it that she will remember to landmark your stall?

6)  Sharing is caring. You can't want to go to a place that you don't know exists .
If you don't advertise no one will know who you are or what you have. The complaint I hear most often is "but i don't know what to say"  its easy really ,keep it short five lines or less that contain your stalls name, what you carry,  a slurl,  and the name of your stall again. (this topic will get its own blog soon)

5) NETWORK. It really does matter who you know.  People like to purchase from folks they know and the more if them you know the more likely you are to make sales.

4) Every one loves a know-it-all! ok so normaly thats not true, but in breedables you want to be the person that every one trusts and turns too for information. so crack the proverbial books kids and make sure you KNOW your pet

3) Sales look we all hate seeing those dumb fire sale spams . Try to be imaginative but having a sale day once a month we raise interest.

2) Stagnation = death Keep your stock fresh and rotate it frequently.

1) Let you shine through!  When you come to a stall that has been decorated you feel appretiated and whats more you feel like the seller is passionate about their pets. sooo Deco baby deco!

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