Monday, March 3, 2014

Whats it all mean? (long one)


noun \ˈliŋ-(ˌ)gō\

: a language
: the special language used for a particular activity or by a particular group of people

As with any occupation running a breedable sim like [Huntress] Comes with its own challenges, equipment, and of course its own lingo. I mean if you aren't in the police force or into cop shows you might not realize that "perp" Is an abbreviation of the word perpetrator. Were you into medical stuff or employed in the medical field you  would probably know that a defibrillator or "defib" is the machine used to shock start a patients heart; but a "layman" might not know these things. Not knowing this lingo DOSE NOT make you dumb, it just isn't something you have needed to know.

While speaking to a young lady about her application to work at [Huntress] it occurred to me that some of you might truly enjoy working at a breedable sim and are held back by unfamiliar language. So today the blog is about some of that lingo.

In the auction world, especially that of breedables, one must wear many hats or hire many helpers.

Auctioneer or 'Voice' : This is the voice you hear when attending an auction. Ideally  they are entertaining and up beat with a great deal of patients. @ Huntress they work for tips which they then split with their caller.

Caller or 'csr' : this persons job is to keep chat moving provide text information about the item being auctioned and generally help the their auctioneer stay focused and on track.  They are also partly responsible for helping to 'fill' the panels.

A sim CSR  :: these lovely folks also work for tips at [Huntress]. Our sim csr's frequently double as spammers and essentially hang around the sim being helpful in cases of confusion or crisis.

Host:: over at [Huntress] Market we have a club that runs 6 days a week,  Hosts greet club goers and help keep the party going. (if you are a 'chatty kathy' this is your kind of gig)

I think thats enough lingo for today BUT if you ever find yourself thinking what does that word mean? Please feel free to ask me there is no shame in growing and learning!
luffs n stars

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