Monday, July 7, 2014

Peek Into the 2014 Flying Monkey Hunt for RFL
Pay the board like this to register and get your hud.
The ENTIRE proceeds from this hunt go to Relay For Life

First I'd like to thank iHunts for the donation of their system. It has made this entire hunt so much simpler to do!

What to expect. I have been through some of the items for this hunt and this is a breeders dream hunt. Some of the biggest names in breedables contributed names like Amaretto , Champion, Meeroo, and KittyCats.
So you are gonna find cute little figurines , Plushies, and even Summer Swimwear from Amaretto!!! You are also going to find STARTER PACKS ; I saw cute little lady bugs, and Majestic elephants just to name a couple.. So, come and play, its a moderately challenging hunt with some adorable prizes and for an AWESOME charity.

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