Monday, November 10, 2014


Today I met with one of the creators behind the upcoming breedable called WOLVENS here is what she had to say.

What made you decide to create a breedable?
In all actuality what made me want to make my own breedable was being a breeder, I wanted to make one that put the focus on breeding and  not on politics.

What did you find the most fun so far in creating this breedable?

The most fun has to be learning the skills that it took to build this. teaching my self to sculpt and even a little bit of scripting. its all be a really grand experiance.

What was the least fun so far?
The least fun thing in all truth is trying to sort through the politics of the whole thing.
Its very important to us that our breedablesm are ones that meet as many customer needs as possible and it's been a challenge to balance everyone's needs?

How many prims are we talking about here?
For ten wolves you can have as few as 2 prims because they are registered to the den, which is networked with the website, allowing you to "store" your wolves and their food in the website.

Each full grow wolf is 6-10 prims depending on traits.

Whats the breeding cycle like?
7 days from birth (awakening) of the pup to adult
72 hours to mature into full heat
72 hours to gestate the wolf cub
48 hour recovery period
then 72 hours to develop heat again

Is the feeding and offspring tracked?
Yes they are tracked on the website
No food bowl will need to stay rezed you will only need to rez one to refill it.

What will the support system be like?
Knowledge base, ticket system, and live CSRs

Cost of starter pack?
500 linden for one wolf and one weeks food

Food costs?
A full grown wolf will eat 1 meat and 1 milk 3x day
Currently 1 week food supply is 90 lindens total (45 for food 45 for milk).

These ten folks won a chance to be a beta tester !!
Emmi, Taylor, Jenne, Greg, Sayuri, Tun, Reagan, Jun3, Randa !!
Congratulations guys and gals

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