Saturday, December 27, 2014

SLGO what you need to know

So recently SL started advertising SLGO.
They promise crazy frame rates and amazing graphix regardless of how "low end" your system is.
I decided since it was a free week trial to give it a chance.
The report card reads as follows::

Ease of installation :: B +
It was fairly straight forward but some users might get a bit confused. I figured it out but there weren't allot of "this is what you do next" cues.

Ease of use :: A
Once you have opened the On Live app on your desk top the rest is Super easy to follow.
Its just like signing into SL on Firestorm or Veiwer.

They did not lie, the graphix and frame rate were AMAZING.
That was the first time I had ever seen SL on ultra!
 It was so beautiful !

Cross compatibility :: A+++
The Onlive app works on Android, Apple, PC, and possibly your neighbors old boom box!
That means if you are sick of trying to remember where things are when u visit SL on different devices. You would love this. You can install it on your lap top, desktop, and your cell phone.

Features:: B
While nearly all the features that one might normally use in SL are there, TWO key ingredients are absent. There doesn't appear to be voice nor did I seem to have the ability to upload from my hard drive to SL.  Which means as a content creator and auctioneer it was useless for me.

So in conclusion if you find yourself constantly complaining about lag, have 10 dollars a month to spare, and you don't need voice or the ability to upload... This might just be the answer for you.

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